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Why are we doing it?

British Sign Language, just like French or Spanish, has different sentence structures (syntax). 

Deaf people use BSL as their preferred language, because they cannot hear, and find it difficult to communicate in the spoken language, English (a foreign language to them).

Imagine being abroad not knowing the national language and having to open a bank account? Explain about your drainage problems? Or going to the Doctor with a personal and emotional problem? Not easy is it?

This is why Deaf people need to communicate in their first language.

They’re not asking for everyone to be fluent but to try out a basic sign course and make them feel at home! 

Those organisations with front line staff who could potentially deal with Deaf customers will have the responsibility to either use a BSL/English Interpreter or to learn BSL to a higher level.

Other people learn for fun, for use in noisy work environments, for improved communication with their Deaf relatives or friends or to develop a very rewarding career (eg Deaf counselling, interpreting or working for the British Deaf Association!).

This campaign highlights the language as a foreign language and encourages members of the public to take up this fun, very useful form of communication.

What is it all about?

What's happening on 2nd - 8th October 2017?

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