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Learn to Sign Campaign 2017

What’s happening?

In 2017, we are coordinating three exciting activities all over the nation:

  1. We are inviting primary schools everywhere to take part and learn a phrase a day.  By the end of the week children will be able to sign a basic conversation with their classmates!

    It is well known fact that children are more receptive to learning a new language and that a child who learns a foreign language at a young age, will find it easier to learn other languages as they grow and develop.

  2. We are also holding BSL taster sessions for those organisations that want to demonstrate their commitment to equality and diversity while giving a chance to employees to have fun while learning a useful language!

    A commitment to staff development, in the long term, will be financially beneficial as the organisation will no longer have to invest in using Interpreters.

  3. In certain towns and cities throughout the UK we are holding exciting events with some well-known faces taking part too!

    If you live near any of these locations, come along and offer your support and sign up to a course! Or you can complete our on-line course form to find out when and where you can learn in your area!

In addition, we have our new modern magazine Sign Matters that is launched during the campaign. It will be available in various stores throughout the country.

Have a look at our new merchandise too!

- Learn the BSL fingerspelling alphabet from home from our tea-towels, mouse mats or from our popular fridge magnets

- We also have useful “I 'heartshape' BSL” items to choose from. 

Numbers are limited so make sure you visit one of our outlets or buy on-line with our Signbuy!

What is it all about?

Why are we doing it?

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