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Young Signs of things to come!  

Scottish Deaf Youth Association presents the “Young Signs” event during the campaign week for both Deaf and hearing youth in the famous Kelvin Hall in Glasgow.

Young people will have the opportunity to take part in sporting activities such as trampolining, indoor rock climbing, Tai Chi and traditional Glasgow games in the famous Kelvin Hall.  The hall is Glasgow's indoor international sports arena and hosts many international athletic events, as well as boxing, and badminton competitions. The young people will also be taking part in some activities that will get them using their hands and bodies to communicate. These will include 'Sign Karaoke' and games such as 'Signese whispers' where instead of whispering a message, a signed/acted message is passed along a chain of people.

Young people from Glasgow's Breakthough youth project and the Shakespeare Street Youth Club will be learning a bit of sign language before they attend the event and hope to keep some interaction going after Learn to Sign Week.

Rachel Sedman, from the Scottish Deaf Association says, “Young Deaf people will be fulfilling a very pro-active and important role in promoting positive images of sign language. This will help build important links between the hearing and Deaf communities and will play an important part in raising awareness of BSL. This will also lead to greater inclusion and acceptance of young Deaf people in society."

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